All colouring services are tailored to you. We bespoke highlights and blondes with gorgeous toners to add personalisation of colour.

Specialist Colour Change
Charlotte, our in-house L’Oreal Colour specialist is always on hand for colour change advice. Whether you are after a flawless root to tip colour, wanting to go darker or lighter or after a change of tone, she has the best techniques and technical knowledge to get you there. She also has been trained by L'Oreal in all the latest trends and techniques, and loves being given free reign to cocktail the best colour to suit you. Colour is dominating the hairdressing industry at the moment and the expertise she holds inspires, guides and encourages the whole team. As well as traditional colouring services, we also offer balayage and the latest contouring and tissue lights. So whether you are adventurous and are wanting a bold change with bright colours or creative toners or whether you want the most natural looking colour with a subtle blend of tones you will always be in the best hands.