Elevating Hair Artistry through great services and products, bespoke education and a true digital transformation for a memorable customer experience. Throughout the world, L’Oreal is the very essence of what the hairdressing industry is all about with superior quality and innovation in services and products. Their products are tested and approved by the most famous hairdressers and they never stop trying to maintain the highest quality standards of performance, comfort, security and sustainability.

Inspiring hairdressers with the latest trends, Loreal supports many fashion shows in the world and strive to be THE reference for hair trends. From fashion catwalks to celebrity looks or hair trends spotted in the street, we are always tuned to the latest trends to help hairdressers create all the looks that women are craving for.

Because we believe in professional gestures and tools that make the difference, we are determined to help hairdressers in their daily practice by providing best-in-class education, teaching the latest hairstyle techniques and developing services to highlight their expertise.

Expect a free in-depth consultation where we assess colour suitability and tones depending on skin tone and lifestyle. We assess your face shape to alter colour placement to enhance your features and contour. Your hair condition and strength is always paramount to our decision making process, therefore we will give you an idea of the journey involved to achieve the best results. After all, a colour always looks better when it's shiny and glossy.